Thursday, January 26, 2012

Alchemy Classic is now Little Alchemy

230 elements in Little Alchemy (Alchemy Classic) now explore all and find whats new

if needed solutions or list of elements wait a day more,,,,,,,,,,,,,,


  1. metal + diamond = Ring
    pig + fire = bacon
    life + ??? = robot (sorry, can't remember if this was metal or a computer)

  2. (a)
    Acid Rain= rain+smoke
    Air Plane= metal+bird
    Alcohol= time+fruit
    Algae= water+plant
    Algae= sea+plant
    Allergy= human+dust
    Alligator= swamp+lizard
    Angel= bird+human
    Antarctica= desert+snow
    Aquarium= glass+fish
    Aquarium= water+glass
    Archipelago= isle+isle
    Armor= steal+tool
    Ash= volcano+energy
    Astronaut= human+moon
    Atmosphere= air+ pressure
    Atomic Bomb= energy+ explosion
    Axe= blade+wood

    there might be more a's but i only have 227/230

  3. (b)
    Bacon= big+fire
    Bactria= life+swamp
    House= livestock+house
    Bayonet= gun+blade
    Beach= sand+sea
    Beaver= Wild animal+wood
    Bike= wheel+wheel
    Bird= air+egg
    Birdhouse= bird+house
    Blade= stone+metal
    Blizzard= snow+storm
    Blood= human+blade
    Boat= water+wood
    boiler= metal+steam
    Bread= flour+fire
    Brick= fire+mud
    Brick= fire+clay
    Bullet= gunpowder+metal
    Butch= meat+human

    there might be more b's but i only have 227/230

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