Friday, September 9, 2011

10 New elements added to the Alchemy game

10 New elements added to the Alchemy game

find the new elements and if you cant wait for the update here


  1. 10 new elements!
    1.alcohol = fruit+time
    2.cart = wheel+wood
    3.paper = pressure+wood
    4.newspaper = paper+paper
    5.mountain = earth+earthquake
    6.iceberg = mountain+ice
    7.nerd = human+glasses
    8.wagon= cart+horse human+hospital
    10.salt= sea+sun

  2. My version on motorola cliq has 380 and I have all of them =)

  3. goshhhhhh i'm one away
    can't figure out which to match

  4. Qiuick tip if anyone is missing just one element, check the ones that reqiire to of the same put together, they are the most likely ones youre missing, eg, grave + grave = cemetary. Btw 380/380 on android version. Took me bout ten days total play to get all of em, but took me three days to get the last one. Good hunting fans.